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Leading Manufacturer in the Field of RF EAS Labels and RFID Antennas
We are Sino-German joint venture and leading manufacturer in the field of RF EAS labels and RFID antennas. Novatron has emerged as one of the top three largest manufacturers globally for RF EAS labels and RFID intelligent antennas.
RF EAS Labels and RFID Antennas Application
Compared to traditional EAS systems, this approach offers faster identification speeds, higher recognition rates, and automatic access to commodity information.
The production process of RFID antenna is mainly to etch aluminum foil into the shape required by customers on a soft PET film substrate; EAS RF Soft Label products have high quality standards and are suitable for all kinds of 8.2MHz RF radio frequency EAS anti-theft systems. EAS die-cutting label patent technology makes the production process of EAS label completely out of the traditional etching process, making the product more environmentally friendly, healthy and high quality; In this way, Novatron can provide a wider range of high-quality EAS products to the world's top retailers and end users, making the retail industry safer.
Our products are widely used in Retail, Warehouse & Distribution, Transportation & Logistics, Hospitality, Utilities, Manufacturing and so on.
The Global Leading EAS and RFID Solution Provider
About Novatron Electronics

Novatron owns advanced production technology and first-class production lines. We introduced dust-free plant with constant temperature and humidity, and the world advanced equipment. Our quality and safety of production is in accordance with international standards, and has achieved the ISO9001: 2015. ISO14001:2015, ISO45001:2008, GB/T24001-2016, GB/T45001-2020, GB/T19001-2016, and 1 invention patent, and 25 utility model patents. 

Our Company has more than 70 units of large-scale modern equipment, involving the procedure of compositing, printing, etching, DIECUT. The key production equipment and quality management system standard are integrated with our German joint venture partner directly. There are 14 production lines to satisfy the electronic soft labels demands with an annual capacity of 10 billion pieces. 

At the end of 2015, we purchased Japanese enterprise MIYAKE's full set of patent and production line, and our EAS soft label can reach the food grade and get microwave certificate now. In order to be more efficient in production quality supervision and to enhance production output, we use many kinds of modern quality control tools, such as laboratory, decoding height measurement and automatic inspection, automatic replacement machine, RFID automatic visual inspection, electronic scale and high-power electronic amplification and so on.


Invention patents, 26 patents for new models

10 billion+

Annual production capacity of RF Soft Labels and RFID Antenna 10 billion sheets 


Large-scale laminating, printing, etching, and die-cutting equipment (compositing, printing, etching, DIE-CUT)


14 production lines


Global top three RF soft label manufacturers, the world's leading RFID antenna manufacturers

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