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Safe Production | How to Properly Handle New and Old Ink during Storage?

Just bought new ink and unused old ink, if not stored properly, it is easy to have quality problems. So, what should be paid attention to when storing ink in order to maintain the quality of the ink stable?

Issues to be aware of when storing new ink

As the temperature rises, the viscosity of the ink decreases, and as the temperature decreases, the viscosity increases. Some inks placed in environments below 3°C or 0°C will solidify into a gelatinous state, causing a so-called gelation phenomenon. If the ink has "gelated", it usually needs to be heated to a temperature 5-10°C above the gelation point to restore its original state. Therefore, in cold regions, special attention should be paid to storing ink in winter.

Due to the lack of understanding of long-term storage of new EAS ink tag, various components in the ink formula may sometimes undergo layering or precipitation. Therefore, when using it, the ink bucket must be inverted, shaken, or stirred before use.

Management methods for old ink

Since the solvent used in gravure plastic ink is a low-boiling point solvent, the evaporation during the printing process will cause the solvent mixing ratio to be out of balance, or the cooling due to the evaporation of the solvent will extremely cool the surface of the ink or roller surface, causing moisture in the air to penetrate the ink. In addition, during the printing process, due to reasons such as fragments of film or dust sucked in by static electricity mixing into the ink, especially inks with small pattern areas and low amounts are more prone to changes. The remaining ink often has low viscosity and separates and settles quickly. Therefore, when using it again, it must be thoroughly stirred, or filtered through a metal mesh of 100 mesh or more, mixed with new ink for digestion treatment. If it continues to be stored, it must be sealed, labeled with the type of ink, and placed in a cool place.

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