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rfid barrier gate
rfid barrier gate
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rfid gate control
rfid fence
rfid gate
rfid gate access control system


RFID Antennas are responsible for emitting and receiving waves that allow us to detect RFID chips. When an RFID chip crosses the antenna field, it is activated and emits a signal. The antennas create different wave fields and cover different distances.

Antenna Type: Circular polarization antennas work best in environments where the orientation of the tag varies. Linear polarization antennas are used when the orientation of the tags is known and controlled and is always the same. NF (Near Field) antennas are used to read RFID tags within a few centimeters.

Features of PG506L RFID Gate (RFID+RF)

  • Dual frequencies RFID+RF.

  • Item track and trace.

  • EAS RFID system alarm.

  • Loss prevention visualization.

  • Replenish stolen items to reduce out-of-stocks.

  • People counting and flow statistics.

Specification of PG506L RFID Gate (RFID+RF)

Product nameUHF RFID System-PG506L
Tag chipImpinj Indy ™R2000
Installation distance (Max.)≤1.8m (RF only) ≤2.0m (RFID only)
FunctionInfrared people counting, EAS/RFID anti-theft
InterfaceRS-232, RJ45
Operation modeConnect to cash server through protocol interface
ProtocolISO 18000-6C/EPC Global C1G2
Transmitting power0dBm~+30dBm
Receiving sensitivity-83dBm (R2000)
Modulation modeBSD_ASK/M0/40KHz; PR_ASK/M2/250KHz
PR_ASK/M2/300KHz; BSD_ASK/M0/400KHz
Power supply
Power adaptor
FrequencyETSI, 865~867MHz
FCC, 902~928MHz
CCC, 920~925MHz,840~845MHz
NCC, 924~927MHz


Detection range1.8m (depneds on the tag & enviornment at site)
Working modelMaster+Slave
Opreation voltag110-230v 50-60hz
Working temperature-20℃~+70℃

Storage temperature


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