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Yuhang Zhongtai Caring Entrepreneurs Sponsor Poor Students' School Dreams

Hangzhou Daily correspondent Han Jingxian Wang Shijin Reporter Ye Feng

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On August 26th, Mr. Qian Yanan, the director of Yuhang Zhongtai Chamber of Commerce and the chairman of Novatron Electronics (Hangzhou) Co.,Ltd started the annual activity of helping students, and donated a total of 50,000 yuan to 10 students in difficulty under the jurisdiction of Zhongtai to help them realize their dreams in school.

Yuhang Zhongtai Caring Entrepreneurs Sponsor Poor Students' School Dreams

19-year-old Xiao Guan just entered Zhejiang Normal University Xingchi College this year. Her father suffers from a chronic disease and cannot bear physical labor, so the whole family lives mainly on her mother's part-time job. "Originally, the family was still worried about the expenses of school fees, but now with the scholarship, the pressure can be less." Faced with this kindness of Qian Yanan and the street, Xiao Guan said emotionally, "I am very grateful for everyone's care and financial support, so that I can go further and further on the road to school. In the future, I want to become a teacher, the power of this love, to pass on!"


Located in Zhongtai Street Industrial Park, Novatron Electronics (Hangzhou) Co.,Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of radio frequency products (RF, RFID). Over the years, the company adheres to the "do a hope to others business" the beautiful idea, to help the charity activities. Chairman Qian Yanan, from 2013, for eight consecutive years to support 80 poor students, a total of 400,000 yuan donation. "I hope these children will have more confidence to overcome the temporary difficulties and have a bright future." Qian Yanan said.


A trickle of love becomes a river, and a drop of love becomes hope. In recent years, Zhongtai Street and Zhongtai Chamber of Commerce actively play the important role of the united front to unite people and gather strength, gather all kinds of caring and helping resources, build a communication platform, and carry out solid activities to help the needy and give love. In Zhongtai Street, there are also many caring entrepreneurs who take up social responsibility and contribute their strength silently. For example, Cen Miaochun, the person in charge of Hangzhou Huachun Instrument Co., Ltd, learned that there was a student from Huzhou Normal University in Zhongtai's jurisdiction who was in a difficult situation, and immediately helped out by providing an annual scholarship of 5,000 yuan for each other, planning to fund each other until they graduate from college.


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