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Novatron November Lean Production Project Team Building

Excellence and Perseverance

- Report on the November Lean Production Project Team Building Activity of Novatron

Since October 2023, the company has established a lean production project team and actively implemented lean improvement within the company. To thank the members of the lean team for their dedication and efforts, and to further unify the ideological understanding of the lean project team, enhance the cohesion of the project team, and achieve the ultimate lean goal of sharing responsibility and sharing results, enhancing the company's core competitiveness. On November 25-26, the company organized outdoor team building activities for members of the Novatron Lean Production Project Team, and explored lean production in a relaxed outdoor atmosphere.


On the warm winter morning of the 25th, the members of the lean team were divided into three teams: the Wolf team, the Tiger team, and the Leopard team. Everyone gathered at Qiantan Station on time and set off for Meicheng Ancient Town according to the planned target. Everyone walked briskly along the river, although the physical strength of each person was different, sometimes slow and sometimes fast, but everyone encouraged and helped each other, moving forward together. Halfway through, take a break under the shade of a tree, chat about life, and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Accompanied by the beautiful lake and mountain scenery, walking through the flowers and green shadows. Along the way, everyone stepped out with a spirit of high morale, vitality, and enthusiasm, becoming a beautiful scenery line on the greenway that day.


Measure the vast earth with your footsteps, and explore the vast sky with your eyes. Everyone is conquering the 16km ahead in their own way.

"Start walking" and let's cheer! Finally, we arrived at the destination - Meicheng Ancient Town.


Life is like a long journey, and we hope that today we have crossed many mountains and enjoyed the scenery along the way. In the future, we will have more calmness and courage on the long road of life.

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