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Accounting for Lean Production Benefits - Summary Meeting Report for the First Batch of PO Orders

 On November 14, 2023, Novatron held a summary meeting for the completion of the first batch of PO orders for Lean Production Profit Calculation. The Chairman of Novatron, Qian Yanan, and the General Planner of the Lean Project, Li Wenxing, as well as members of various teams attended the meeting.


At the phase summary meeting, Li Min from the Project Planning and Management Group reported on the completion status of the first batch of 10 PO orders. During the meeting, the calculation formulas for order output rate, qualification rate, and production rate were reiterated. Requirements were also put forward for the selection and follow-up process of the second batch of 10 orders, including tracking analysis of orders that were not achieved in the second batch in order to identify reasons and improve efficiency.


With the promotion of the Lean Production Project, General Commander Li formulated the next step of work tasks, focusing on four details: team handover of shifts, efficiency output ratio, conversion rate of primary materials application, and equipment connectivity dynamics. All employees were required to embrace changes with a positive and enthusiastic attitude, and to ask more questions and gain better understanding during the process.


Finally, Qian Dong, the General Planner of the Lean Project, expressed appreciation for the dedication of each employee and the progress made in Lean Production during this stage. It was emphasized that Lean Production is an ongoing journey, and that the entire company should have a unified ideological consciousness, regarding Lean Production as a mission to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and enhance core competitiveness.


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