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Striving for Excellence, Improving Production! Novatron Holds the Lean Production Project Launch Ceremony

In order to comprehensively implement lean production management, and enhance the lean management level and production manufacturing technology level of Novatron, Hangzhou, on October 17th, Novatron (Hangzhou) Electronics Co., Ltd. held a kick-off ceremony for the lean production project.

Chairman Qian Yanan, Deputy General Manager Li Wenxing, Marketing Director Xue Xuege, and Technical Director Xu Jianhua attended the meeting, and core backbone personnel such as department managers, supervisors, and engineers as well as all frontline production employees participated.

Speech by the Chairman


Chairman Qian Yanan delivered a speech before the meeting, introducing the purpose and significance of Novatron's lean production.

He pointed out that under the new situation, the company urgently needs to adapt to market changes, quickly improve the overall management level, actively seek change models, and achieve the grand goal of sustainable development.

He requested that leaders at all levels must set an example and guide, take into account the overall strategic level of the company's development, and strengthen close cooperation and coordination between departments.

He believed that with everyone's concerted efforts, continuous learning, continuous improvement, and continuous improvement of processes, the company will definitely improve its overall management level, create a first-class production site, first-class customer satisfaction, and first-class employees, and ultimately achieve comprehensive promotion of lean management.

Speech by the Project Commander


Subsequently, the project's overall commander, Li Wenxing, provided explanations and introductions on the "core of lean production, initial foundations, potential issues, some management plans, and procedures," and encouraged all lean teams to collaborate closely, seek common strategies, achieve precise planning, provide accurate guidance, and conduct fine adjustments.

Lean Team Authorization Ceremony



Employee representative speech.


Frontline production employee representatives expressed their commitment to actively respond to production requirements, work diligently, firmly implement lean production-related measures, effectively execute lean production procedures, and contribute their efforts to the company's development and innovation.

All-Staff Oath



A3 Report

Department managers and workshop supervisors provided reports on the preliminary situation of lean production.





Group photo


The road is long, but diligence will get us there. In the next step, Novatren will continuously learn, consistently improve, perfect processes, put them into practice, ensuring that the advanced concept of lean management takes root and is widely applied within Novatren. This will, in turn, promote the overall management level and operational efficiency of the company to steadily rise based on the practical results of lean management.

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