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Lean Profit Accounting Conference Report

After nearly 2 months of efforts, Novatron's lean production project achieved initial success. 2023 November 2 afternoon, Novatron held a lean profit approval meeting. The meeting was chaired by the company's executive deputy general manager and overall commander of the lean project, Li Wenxing. Novatron's chairman and overall planner of the lean project, Qian Yanan, attended the meeting. Members of each lean project team participated in the meeting.


In the summary meeting of this phase, General Manager Li affirmed the results achieved in the previous tasks and clearly pointed out the key points for the next phase of project implementation: how to accurately calculate the lean profit. From selecting orders according to the required proportion, managing materials, labor, and costs precisely from the start of material input to packaging and delivery, further shortening the production cycle, improving product quality, and reducing inventory, and understanding how much profit can be obtained through lean improvement.


At the meeting, each project team received the tasks for the next phase and continued to invest in the promotion of lean production in the next phase.


Through continuous promotion of lean production, all staff members should establish a lean thinking mode in their daily work, learn from the successful experience of lean management, and integrate it into practice.


Lean production achievement exhibition area.



Novatron's lean production project achieved initial success.

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