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Looking Forward to Development: Visit by Secretary of the Zhongtai Party Committee to Novatron

On the morning of February 20, Secretary Chen Xiaoping of Zhongtai Street Party Working Committee in Yuhang came to Novatron to carry out on-site research activities.


Chairman Qian Ya'nan and Deputy General Manager Li Wenxing accompanied the research.


Chairman Qian Ya'nan said that Novatron's development to date cannot be separated from the trust and support of the government/street, all employees, partners, and all friends who care about Novatron.

Novatron will continue to develop steadily, drive the development of surrounding industries, and at the same time contribute to helping poor students in the street to continue their studies, to provide talent support for the government and the country.


Secretary Chen Xiaoping and his team learned about Novatron's current situation and future development direction, and gave full affirmation. He also stated that enterprises should seize new development opportunities and enhance their competitiveness.

The street will continue to provide efficient services for enterprises, focus on actual problems faced by enterprises, deepen assistance services, and fully promote the high-quality development of enterprises.


Novatron will continue to adhere to a down-to-earth style, an unyielding spirit, and perseverance, creating a more brilliant and colorful tomorrow for themselves, society, and the country!

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