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The Novatron 2023 Annual Work Summary Meeting Successfully Held!

On January 19, Novatron Electronics(Hangzhou)Co.,Ltd held the 2023 annual work summary meeting.


The purpose of this meeting is to summarize the work results of 2023 and deploy the work for the year 2024.

Chairman Qian Ya Nan attended the meeting, and core personnel such as department managers, supervisors, and engineers participated in the meeting.


At the meeting, Chairman Qian Ya Nan summarized the work results of 2023 based on the theme of the meeting - "Gathering the World, Galloping Ahead," fully affirming and thanking the employees for their hard work, and proposing the work ideas for the next year.

Regarding the development of the work in 2024, Chairman Qian Ya Nan made the following requirements.

  • Increase market share, tap resources, integrate resources, utilize resources, break through the corporate output value, and grasp more market competitiveness.

  • Ensure product quality, continue to innovate technology and craftsmanship, continuously improve production capacity, enhance the core competitiveness of the company, and meet market demands.

  • Maintain industry visibility, continuously strengthen brand building, and enhance the company's influence.

  • Strengthen departmental meticulous management, continue to improve employee job skills, adhere to the implementation of lean production development, support production with data, assist production with tools, continuously break through and constantly strive for improvement.

Chairman Qian Ya Nan said, "In 2024, we will face more difficulties and risks, but also greater challenges and opportunities. I hope that all employees will closely follow the company's development goals and path, maintain an open and humble attitude, maintain enthusiasm and passion for work, seek opportunities in changes, and embrace growth in challenges, join hands with Novatron to jointly create brilliance."


Executive Vice President Li Wenxing summarized the overall work situation of 2023 from various perspectives such as enterprise management, employee management, product production and management, based on a large amount of data, and put forward guiding suggestions for key work projects of relevant departments. At the same time, in 2024, the management model of "productization, lean management, digitization, and automation" will continue.


Director of Marketing Xue Xuege, Technical Director Xu Jianhua, and various department managers made work reports, focusing on the highlights and shortcomings of the work in 2023, and proposed work plans for2024.


Time etches dreams, and hard work paints a picture.

The successful holding of the 2023 annual work summary meeting has clarified the direction for all colleagues of Novatron to move forward.

It is hoped that all colleagues of Novatron will keep up with the company's development goals and paths, keep an open and humble mind, maintain passion and enthusiasm for work, seek opportunities in changes, and meet growth in challenges.

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